Buffer Fringe 2023

cloud.torrent Multi-Sensory Installation


Tools: Raspberry Pi 4, Python, OpenCV, pyo

“Cloud.torrent” is a multimedia and interactive installation consisting of a three-dimensional cloud installed on the roof. It is an invitation for interplay where viewers’ interaction produces sound and movement. Real-time interactive visuals processed using state-of-the-art computer vision models are projected on the cloud. It is a multi-sensory installation that invites the viewers to participate in the discovery or the invention of the “Turning Point”.

The installation points to a collective cloud. A monument implanted in the buffer zone’s sky, storing all our vulnerable memories. The formed cloud is phenomenically still, yet unbounded and infinitely present. It’s us, the compressed water vapour, projected onto our common sky. It is a repository of our anamneses. Despite floating in the sky, it can cement a change, a “Turning Point”. The projected real-time visuals on the cloud provides a means to imagine the physical and intangible space between us as it is possible to exist. It attempts to construct the statement that Art itself entwined with technology, is the “Turning Point”. The utilisation of new technologies, as a meta-level approach, can be catalytic for the discovery (or the invention) of the “Turning Point”. The “Turning Point” is not an event or a handshake. It’s fused into people and it’s imaginable by the convergence of art and technology.